Valeur Or Ego

its safe here in the little world with you con solo los esenciales los perros los pescados avec tous ce qu’il faut et pas plus le minimum, c’est parfait outside of the bedlam of people the little chaoses that come with there is the choice […]


Shapeshift to what you are of the little things that make up you shed the tired skin the old ways abandon the lies of the past they only brought you here to now feel the ground beneath your feet the currents of your body the […]

the values

Open hearts to the ideas of giving time of giving energy of giving money of letting go of what we think is ours, and sharing what we have as though it belonged to the world. Let our ideas blossom into actiaons as we strive towards […]

Pit-Stop In Belgium

Au revoir France…. Bonjour Belgique! Actually they don’t speak a ton of French in Leuven, mostly just Flemish so I was somewhat out of my depth. This trip wasn’t very planned out, originally I was just flying through Belgium on may way back to Vancouver […]

Baby Wearing Yoga

I am 100% baby crazy, and I have been since I was about 14 years old. I’ve always had this wimsical image of me traveling the world with a child, avoiding all kinds of normal schooling, but providing this global education with incredible diversity or […]

Mount Work

Today has been a wonderful day spent in peaceful solitude. I don’t always enjoy being alone, this winter the dark and coldness of van-living has made a bit of a mess of my head. For a long time I spent hours alone without actaully enjoying it. […]