The Island Vortex

The Island Vortex: Available Episodes

#11 Adrian Oberg on Psychedelics in Victoria, Harm Reduction, and the Shift from Recreational to Therapeutic Use

Integration Station Episode 2: Shannan Hazard & Molly Wilder on our integration process right before the next ayahuasca ceremony

#9 Bodhi Thompson Gardner on creating a more inclusive culture, Bill C-16 & walking tall as a transgender warrior

#8 Madelaine McCallum on Métis jigging and overcoming cancer through the strength of her 12 year old self

#7 Paula & Nairn on the Zero Waste Movement, how to implement a zero waste lifestyle and how we can all contribute to keeping our beautiful nation and its waterways clean

Integration Station Episode 1: Shannan Hazard & Molly Wilder on processing after an Ayahuasca Ceremony

#5 Maureen Fontaine on the Connection of Biology and Spirituality, Live Blood Analysis & Shamanic Healing

#4 Tara Brunet on Intuitive Eating, Overcoming Her Eating Disorder, and Manifesting Her Reality

#3 Todd Harris on His Documentary Film: Ayahuasca and the Path of the Shaman, and How it has Changed His Life

#2 Benny Marr on Whitewater Kayaking, Overcoming Fear, and Living His Dream Life

#1 Shannan Hazard on Ayahuasca, Overcoming Trauma & Healing a Broken System